Nick Brandt - Lion with Monolith, Serengeti
Nick Brandt
Lion with Monolith, Serengeti
Archival Pigment Photograph
2008, Printed 2010
26 1/2 x 65 1/2 inches
Signed, dated and # 14/15 on recto
Nick Brandt - Three Rhinos, Nakuru
Nick Brandt
Three Rhinos, Nakuru
Archival Pigment Photograph
2007, Printed 2010
20 1/12 x 20 1/2 inches
Signed, dated and # 17/25 on recto

Return to Arcadia: Visions of Lost Paradise

A universal story in almost every belief system centers around the fall of man from a state of grace and his or her potential to return to a utopia - whether it be permanent or transitory. This archetype has provided the basis for mythology over the centuries. The construct of the human psyche is dependent on a multi-dimensional existence where hopes, dreams, fears and desires motivate human drama. Photography’s window to the world has the potential to enlarge a vision beyond the literal. Our spirit and imagination live in a figurative space. The challenge of photography is to give form to abstract ideas as well as material objects. How can we show that which cannot be seen with the eyes? Fortunately there are numerous successful solutions to this problem. The artists in our current exhibition, Return to Arcadia, reference cultures and myths from ancient Greece, India, Eden and refer to contemporary society with its preoccupation with consumerism and concerns with ecological destruction.